Where Does Elden Ring Take Place Ohio

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place Ohio?

If you are a game enthusiast, then you definitely know about Elden ring. Elden Ring is an action-packed game developed by FromSoftware and released in 2022. This thrilling game was released for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Windows, and Xbox x in February 2022 and it has recorded huge success. There have been rumors that Elden ring takes place in Ohio and this has given many Elden Ring fans sleepless nights. So where does Elden Ring take place Ohio? Continue reading to find out.

Where does Elden Ring take place Ohio?

The unfortunate answer is that the Elden ring does not take place in Ohio. Instead, it takes place in a realm known as Lands Between- a fantasy land that is full of magic, monsters, and many other exciting things.

Since its successful launch in February 2022, many game lovers have been wondering where Elden ring takes place. A recent meme claiming that Elden ring takes place in Ohio was made by a user named Ronnui on Twitter. The tweet quickly became popular which caused a frenzy amongst fans who thought that elden Ring was based in Ohio .

Later, someone edited the Wikipedia page for Elden ring and that made many people believe that it does take place in Ohio. Wikipedia is a site that can be updated by anyone. Therefore it’s not surprising that someone edited the setting of Elden ring from Lands Between to Ohio. Unfortunately, many people fell for the joke.

So, if you were one of those people that fell for the joke, we are sorry to disappoint you. Elden Ring does infact take place in a fictitious continent known as Lands Between. Lands Between is divided into different areas, all packed with adventure.

What is “Lands Between”?

Now that it is clear that Elden right does not take place in Ohio, you may be wondering what Lands Between is and where it is located. Lands Between is not an actual physical location. Instead, it is a fictitious kingdom that is full of magic and monsters. Lands Between is a kingdom that is ruled by Queen Marika, the external ruler. The game is set purley in a fantasy world. The gods, animals and creatures of Lands Between do not exist in the real world.

What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an action-packed game that is played in the third person perspective. It contains elements that are similar to those found in other games developed by From Software like Bloodborne, Dark Souls series, and Sekiro.

As mentioned earlier, Elden Ring takes place in the Lands Between, a kingdom that is controlled by Queen Marika. The Lands Between has a big shining tree known as the Erdtree that glows with a golden yellow color. This huge tree is powered by the power of the Elden ring and it is controlled by Queen Marika, the eternal goddess together with her husband Godfrey, the first lord of Elden.

Godfrey was incredibly powerful and was even able to destroy the Storm Lord and Giants. But after fighting many wars, the power of Erdtree slowly faded away from him and this made him weak over time. He eventually lost all the Erdtree powers and this led him to be expelled from Lands Between by his wife, queen Marika.

All those who lost grace from the Erdtree were known as Tarnished and were expelled from Lands Between to other lands. The tarnished roamed around and treated each other equally until they were called back to reunite the Elden ring.

When you start playing this thrilling game, you will be one of the tarnished who is seeking revenge against those who expelled you. Your main role will be to reclaim the lost glory of your powerful ancient kingdom.

where does elden ring take place ohio

Why Elden Ring is so popular?

Over the last couple of months, everyone has been talking about Elden ring. So what exactly makes Elden ring so popular? The main reasons are listed below.

It has an incredible open world

There are many games with an open world, however, the Elden Ring has taken things to another level. The Lands Between where the action occurs captures the player’s attention by focusing more on exploration and stunning locations. From gorgeous forests to stunning castles, this game offers everything you will ever want in a scenic open-world game.

It has an amazing combat system

Elden Ring’s combat system is spectacular and gives the player plenty of options. This game also gives many types of weapons to help you battle the enemy. The different types of weapons offered, each with different speeds, weight, and strength makes the game very interesting.

It is very challenging

Perhaps the main reason why Elden ring is very popular is that the game is very challenging. Unlike other games that you can start and complete the same day, Elden ring is extremely challenging and could take you months to complete your mission. The battles are not only very challenging but you are also punished harshly if you die. For instance, you will lose all your runes when you die and if you don’t get them before being killed again, you will lose them for good. You have to be very tactical in order to win the battles.

It has great character customization

Before you start playing this game, you will be required to choose a character. Elden ring has ten options to choose from including wretch, confessor, prisoner, samurai, astrologer, prophet, bandit, hero vagabond, and warrior. Once you choose your favorite character, there are plenty of customization options that you can use to make the character look the way you want.

Its leveling up is more rewarding

Elden Ring leveling up is more rewarding than other similar games out there. Unlike other RPGs, Elden Ring allows you to decide the stats you wish to level up. In order to level up, you are required to collect runes which are acquired when you fight your enemies. Once you gain enough runes, it is upon you to decide what to level up. Elden ring arguably has the best leveling-up system because it gives you full control to choose how you want to get stronger.

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